Ceycat是第一种完全在斯里兰卡设计,制造和组装的双体船。它有较大的开放空间,专门为在亚洲阳光充足和热带地区巡航而设计。 Ceycat 53由四至六个客舱组成,可容纳八至十二个人过夜。


Brand: CeyCat

Model: CeyCat 53

Introduction: From 53 to 55 feet, the Ceycat range is highly customizable with the possibility of adding features such as jetski launcher, bar area etc. All catamarans are available in sail and power versions.

The Ceycat is the first type of catamarans which is completely designed, built and assembled in Sri Lanka. It stands out for its focus on the open interior, which is especially designed for cruising in the sunny and tropical regions in Asia. The Ceycat 53 consist of four to six cabins and can host eight to twelve people overnight.

The CeyCat is built with quality materials and original technology, which provide a perfect balance between modern layout and seaworthiness. The design gives Ceycat its own parallelism with its high end detail and strong performance due to its rigging, hull design and spacious accommodation. It shows a perfect synergy of a comfortable and spacious layout, and a reduced carbon footprint in design and manufacturing. Its exceptional designers created this unique style made possible by the attention to detail and materialising the vision for the future of sailing.

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