Online Exhibition + Offline Experience, New Coastal Life Starts Again


From November 20 to 23, the four-day 13thChina (Xiamen) International Boat Show (hereinafter referred to as “Xiamen International Boat Show”) was successfully held. Numerous citizens and tourists gathered in Wuyuan Bay to enjoy the unique charming of coastal life. In the “cloud” of the system, yachts and equipment accessories from well-known brands in the global yacht industry are unveiled, leading the development direction of yacht industry.

Wu Qiang, executive vice president of China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry, and Lin Xiaoxiong, president of Yacht Industry Development Association of Fujian, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Xiamen R&B Group, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Participants at the opening ceremony were leaders of the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government and representatives of relevant departments, representatives of Xiamen Customs, Xiamen Border Inspection, Xiamen Maritime Safety Administration and other organizations in Xiamen, representatives of the People’s Government of Huli District, and representatives of China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry and Yacht Industry Development Association of Fujian.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, foreign guests were unable to attend this exhibition. Guests and representatives from the the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers, the Italian Marine Industry Association, and the Italian Super-yacht Association all sent videos to express their warm greetings and blessings to the Xiamen International Boat Show.

As one of the professional exhibitions during the World Ocean Week in Xiamen 2020, the Xiamen International Boat Show adopts the exhibition model of online exhibition + offline experience for the first time. On the one hand, it gathered many well-known brands in the global yacht industry through online exhibitions, and showed domestic and foreign yachts, equipment accessories, etc. On the other hand, it made full use of the unique geographical advantages of Wuyuan Bay to show the cultural and tourism products of coastal life in offline exhibitions. With a variety of activities, online and offline activities complemented each other, and a comprehensive interpretation on the brand concept of “New Coastal Life” was made.

New model: Online Gathering of the Entire Yacht Industry Chain

Because of the impact of the global epidemic and the need to follow the trend of the development of the digital economy, the Xiamen International Boat Show this year has established an online exhibition platform based on the web and WeChat applets to realize the online gathering exhibition of the entire yacht industry chain.

Since the online exhibition went live at the end of September, it has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign companies and brands, and they have participated into the exhibition one after another, constantly increasing the “attraction” of the online exhibition. Up to now, there are 165 online exhibitors with more than 300 exhibits. There are more than 28 international and overseas merchants (including Sino-foreign joint ventures) from more than 15 countries and regions. The exhibits include the products of many well-known boat brands such as Azimut, Ferretti, Princess, Hanse, Jeanneau, Riva, Prestige, Hansheng Yachts, Yihong Yachts, as well as GARMIN from America, ICOM from Japan, and GLOMEX from Italy, WALLAS from Finland and other brands of whole-ship accessories, as well as diversified derivative products on yacht life, such as yacht crowd funding, yacht financing and lease, training for yacht driving, youth OP sailing, experience on kayaking, experience on yacht, operation of scenic areas on cultural tourism, yacht maintenance, construction and maintenance of floating docks, etc.

As a platinum member of the IFBSO, this online boat show also has a special area for international boat exhibition for more than 10 international boat shows held by the federation members.

In addition to enriching the exhibition, in order to further enhance the interaction and activation of the online exhibition, since the online exhibition was launched, on the one hand, it has successively released a series of short videos with the theme of “New Coastal Life”, spreading a healthy and fashionable coastal lifestyle. On the other hand, by launching interactive activities such as “Battle for White Dolphins” and “Braving Winds and Waves with You on Yacht”, contest of picture-retouching with mobile phone, lottery for tickets and other interactive activities, it encouraged the public to participate and has won the love and praise from the public.

After the exhibition, the online exhibition of the Xiamen International Boat Show will continue to be held to to put forth new ideas, and strive to create a “never-ending yacht show”.

Idea Collision: Making a Discussion on New Ideas for Industrial Innovation and Development

With the gradual improvement of the quality of life of the people in China, there is an increasingly clear trend of consumption upgrading, and the new business of yacht culture, tourism and leisure is gradually becoming an emerging hot spot for consumption and investment. How to better coordinate the development and integrated operation of yacht culture, tourism and leisure, from yacht tourism to sustainable model of business operation, and to create new drivers of urban yacht culture and tourism industry according to local conditions is a question worthy of discussion.

During the exhibition, Yacht Industry Development Association of Fujian, Xiamen Daily, and Xiamen R&B Yacht Tourism Group Co., Ltd. jointly hosted the forum on development of yacht industry entitled “Coastal Cultural Tourism Empowering the New Pattern of Development of Yacht Industry” and conducted a live webcast.

The forum particular invited Jiang Shuyao, an expert on special allowances from the State Council, the president of Xiamen Daily, and a senior reporter; Jiang Qing, deputy secretary-general of the Yangtze River Delta Regional Alliance on Red Culture Tourism, a master supervisor on tourism management of Nankai University, and partner of Just Fun Made; Huang Hengfen, director of Sports and Leisure Research Center of Huaqiao University, Ph.D., associate professor, master supervisor, and master and doctoral supervisor of Management at Krirk University, Thailand; Dong Yuxin, director of Tencent Cultural Tourism Solutions to make discussion on new ideas for industrial development from the perspectives of urban aesthetics, cultural tourism, sports, and technology. It is hoped that the forum can be held as a chance to seize new opportunities for the integration and development of the cultural and tourism industry, accumulate high-quality development potential for the yacht industry, broaden the scope of mind for enterprises to seize opportunities for transformation and upgrading, and provide support for the development of marine cultural tourism and sports tourism in our city.

Public Experience: Enjoying the Infinite Possibilities of Coastal Life

Following the traditions of the shows before, the offline exhibition of the Xiamen International Boat Show this year held water-land exhibitions, focused on creating an open and experiential exhibition area on coastal life, not only showing the boats, but also showing the vitality and charm of the coastal cultural tourism with the boats.

A total of more than ten foreign brand exhibitors from the United Kingdom, South Korea, New Zealand, Japan, Sri Lanka and other exhibitors participated in the offline exhibition this year. More than 40 yachts of various types were exhibited in the exhibition area, and more than 60 OP and TOPPER for youth sailing competitions. And there were nearly 20 large sailing ships that went to sea from time to time.

In order to encourage citizens to actively experience the coastal lifestyle and enjoy the fun of playing in the sea, this Boat Show specially held a carnival on sailing. Since October, the organizing committee has carried out various interactive activities with online exhibitions and WeChat public accounts. Thousands of sailing experience tickets are issued to citizens for free. Besides, the organizing committee has also carefully planned themed yacht experience activities. For those family members who want to enjoy a happy hour, sweet couples, or friends who want to take beautiful photos, and enjoy leisure time, all of them can enjoy the most special experience of going to sea.

In addition, the organizing committee also cooperated with the reporter group of Xiamen Daily to carry out marine cultural research activities. The organizing committee not only specially invited Mr. Yang Weidi from the 70.8 Ocean Media Laboratory of Xiamen University to share stories about sea scientific expeditions and ocean photography for the young reporters, but also led the young reporters to set sail at the Wuyuan Bay and get close to the blue ocean. It is hoped that with such activities, teenagers living in Xiamen can enjoy the fun and charm of coastal life more deeply.

During the same period of the exhibition, the “Ocean Star Cup” Youth Sailing Competition organized by Xiamen Yacht Association and Xiamen Iron Rock Sailing Club is also held at Wuyuan Bay, where brave little captains from all over the country will pull full sails and ride the sea. In addition to the competition, the little captains will also read out and issue the Proposal for the Protection of the Ocean, advocating for the protection of the ocean with practical actions.

This weekend, hundreds of yachts and sailboats decorate Wuyuan Bay, inspiring the vitality of coastal life. From scene creation to deepening experience, under the impetus of Xiamen International Boat Show, the ideal of Coastal New Life will be integrated into the daily life of citizens.

New Appearance: Amazing Leisure Business During Coastal Time

Xiamen International Yacht Club, established and developed by R&B Yacht Tourism Group, was officially put into use this year, forming four themes of “pro-sea office + single building for enterprise + bay business + yacht base”. With the development concept of “ocean, ecology and fashion”, it is the largest platform complex of yacht industry in China, which will add strong momentum into the development of the yacht industry in Xiamen and open a new chapter in the yacht industry.

During this exhibition, Xiamen International Yacht Club also serves as an important supporting facility to realize a stylish, rich and high-quality experience on sea life with its wonderful bay landscape and unique yacht sailing pier. At present, many high-quality brands such as Golden Elephant Bay, Coco Zone, Haidiaochuan, Eatfun, Yimu Fresh, Chaopa Club, Fengyuanjia, West Wood, Autumn Terrace, etc. have settled and opened. And McDonald’s is about to build a newly upgraded brand store here.

Since its inception in 2008, China (Xiamen) International Boat Exhibition has always been innovating. This year, in line with the trend of social development, it adopted an exhibition model of online exhibition + offline experience, which not only created a barrier-free integrated communication platform for the yacht industry, but also led the trend of public experience on coastal leisure life and showed high-quality and high-value city image in Xiamen.

Basic Information of Exhibition

Time: November 20th-November 23rd, 2020

Location: Wuyuan Bay, Xiamen, China

Sponsor: Xiamen Municipal People’s Government, China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry

Organizers: Yacht Industry Development Association of Fujian, People’s Government of Huli District of Xiamen, Xiamen R&B Yacht Tourism Group Co., Ltd.

Co-organizers: Fujian Association of Shipbuilding Industry, Xiamen Ocean Development Bureau

Exhibition Introduction

Since its establishment in 2008, the China (Xiamen) International Boat Show has become an annual multi-purpose international yacht event integrating “exhibitions, forums, competitions, and activities”, and is known as the most influential exhibition on the water in China. It is the second professional exhibition in China and the sixth in Asia to be included in the IFBSO (International Federation of Boat Show Organizers), and it has won the highest-level title of platinum member. In 2015, China (Xiamen) International Boat Show and Australia Sanctuary Cove Boat Show established a strategic cooperation and became a sister exhibition for each other.

Online Exhibition

Search for “Xiamen International Boat Show” on the web, or open the WeChat search applet of “Xiamen International Boat Show” to quickly enter the online show.

In the part of “Exhibition Information”, you can quickly know the current exhibition situation and review the exciting content of the previous exhibitions;

In the part of “Exhibitors and Exhibits”, various well-known enterprises and exhibits in the yacht industry chain are shown. Visitors can directly contact exhibitors through the platform for business matching and consultation;

In the part of “Coastal New Life”, the latest information in the industry and short videos of the coastal lifestyle are shown, which is an important publicity and popularization base for the coastal lifestyle;

In the part of “Online Carnival”, there are unscheduled live broadcasts, interactive games, event zones, issuance of discount coupons and other activities for fully interacting with the visitors.


Wu Qiang, executive vice president of China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry:

The smooth holding of the Xiamen International Boat Show is inseparable from the strong support of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Government and all sectors of society. It owes a good deal to Xiamen’s all-round high-quality layout of the entire industrial chain of yacht industry, which also reflects the leading maritime cultural awareness of citizens in Xiamen. The “online + offline” method of holding this Xiamen International Boat Show is a model for the use of technology to empower the boat show. The development of Yacht Industry in Xiamen has the advantage of entire-industry development. The upstream industry, midstream industry, and downstream industry are linked together, with all the elements for success. The combination of multiple factors has destined Xiamen International Boat Show to develop into one of the most influential boat shows in boat industry in China.

Lin Xiaoxiong, chairman of Yacht Industry Development Association of Fujian, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Xiamen R&B Group:

The Xiamen International Boat Show is held as scheduled, which fully shows Xiamen’s sincere desire to share market opportunities with boat-related companies and promote the recovery of the boat industry. This exhibition this year innovatively adopted the exhibition model of online+offline, which reflected the concept of marine culture of “New Coastal Life”. What is especially gratifying is that the project of Xiamen International Boat Show was officially put into use this year, which will inject strong momentum for the development of the yacht industry in Xiamen and open a new chapter in the yacht industry.