International Federation of Boat Show Organizers

IFBSO's mission is to help member organisations mount cost-effective, quality exhibitions for the recreational marine industry around the world, by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and the development of co-operation be...

IFBSO member organisations are expected to:
Promote their show honestly on its own merits.
Seek the endorsement of the national marine industry association in their country, or an MIA in a neighbouring country if none exists in their own.
Display the relevant IFBSO logo and slogan on all relevant trade marketing material.
Provide prospective and actual exhibitors with accurate information concerning the number and demographics of visitors at their shows.
Inform other members when planning to change the dates of a show outside its traditional cycle, or to launch a new event.
Submit all suitable boat shows within their control for IFBSO membership or, if this is inappropriate, apply the principles of IFBSO to all other boat shows within their control.